• What does Divorce Agreement offer?

We provide a low-cost service for obtaining an uncontested divorce in the State of Michigan, with or without dependent children.

We provide an excellent divorce service without high-priced attorneys involved.

• How is Divorce Agreement qualified?

We have combined experience of more than 40 years. Experience that includes: uncontested divorces, child support, parenting time, grandparents' rights, Friend of the Court Advisory Committee, and paternity.

• What does it cost?

The cost for the service does vary. Please call our office for a quote.

We have monthly payment plans available for clients who qualify.

The COURT FEE for cases without children is $175.00 due at the time of filing.

The COURT FEE for cases with children is $255.00. This fee may be waived by the court if you financially qualify.

• Do I have to appear in front of a Judge?

Yes, you will have one court appearance, however, we provide instructions for you to follow on the court date.

Your spouse is not required to attend this court hearing.

• What is the waiting period for the divorce to be finalized?

Divorces in the State of Michigan without minor children must pend for sixty (60) days.

Divorces in the State of Michigan with minor children must pend for six (6) months.

You can choose to delay the divorce finalization for up to one year.

• What about property?

Property settlement does not have to be settled prior to filing; however, you and your spouse must agree to the terms of the settlement prior to finalization.

We do recommend that you have most property divided prior to filing inasmuch as when your spouse receives the copies of the divorce documents, the settlement is described and your spouse is more inclined to sign.

• What about child support, parenting time and custody issues?

Divorce Agreement handles all of those issues.

• Will I receive a divorce kit?

No, we do not sell any hard-to-understand divorce kits. All forms are prepared by the staff at our office.

Initially, you will receive an application to fill out from which the documents are prepared. You can print out the appropriate application on our Applications page.

• Am I obligated to finalize the divorce?

You are not obligated to us or to the court to continue with the divorce action. However, should you decide to cancel the divorce, no moneys would be refunded by Divorce Agreement or the court.

• What does my spouse have to do?

Divorce documents are usually mailed to your spouse. He or she will have to sign the documents, in front of a Notary Public, and return the documents to our office.

If you feel your spouse will not willingly sign the document, he or she can be served by a process server or Sheriff. An additional fee is involved with this service.

• How do I get started?

Please call one of our offices to set an appointment. Same day service is available. We have other options available by mail if you are unable to attend the appointment.

You may also email any questions you may have to: